Home Automation Ideas that Simplify Every Day Life

Remote control isn’t an idea of the future anymore. Now, you can control the essentials of home from a phone or smart home hub. Turn on the kitchen lights, start streaming music, and adjust the thermostat, all before you walk through the door. It might sound like a home of the future, but with the right home automation gadgets, everything you need is accessible at a moment’s notice.

EZ Solutions smart home solutions can provide the 24/7 accessibility you’ve been looking for, so you don’t have to worry about a thing when you walk through the door. Your home automation gadgets bring more than just control – they create experiences that enhance your time at home.

Make Affordable Home Automation Your Reality

While these smart home automation ideas might seem out of reach, our goal is to make technology both accessible and affordable. We can create your home of the future using existing smart equipment within your home, or find custom smart solutions that cater to your needs. As we work on crafting your home automation experience, we’ll find solutions that come at an affordable cost. Just select what you value most, and we’ll craft your perfect home together.

Create the Smart Home of Your Dreams

Whether you need whole-house audio video installation services or a more custom system crafted for your existing floorplan, together we can create the smart home you’ve always wanted. Our team can integrate a central A/V system throughout your home, and together, we can handpick additional services that bring comfort and safety to your door. Loose the cables and cords – everything you need is more accessible than ever.

The source of your controls don’t have to be seen anymore. During our A/V installation, we can control your devices through a handheld remote, or through control panels installed on your wall. Additional services, like smart doorbells, home security systems, and automated lighting, are synced to your devices remotely. You can connect your devices through a smart home hub, or your cell phone. A great bonus feature? You’ll never have to worry about wasting precious energy or resources while you’re gone. Now, you can automatically turn on everything you need from your smartphone or smart home. It’s almost like you never left.

While there are many ways to configure a whole-house A/V system, it’s important to decide what features mean the most to you. Take a look at some of the smart home solutions we offer below.

Learn More about our Smart Home Services

Finally, you can dim the lights, open the drapes, adjust the thermostat, and unlock the door, all before you step out of the car. How? By finding the right smart home and audio services you need to suit your life. Some of our custom sound and audio services include:

Integrating smart blinds and shades, that open and close from the touch of a button

Installing smart lights, so you never have to worry about wasting electricity, or turning on the light switch

Assistance with smart speakers and home integration – just select the smart home hub of your choice, like Google Home or Amazon Echo, and create voice control access throughout your home.

Selecting and installing smart doorbells – see who’s at the door, regardless of whether or not you’re home

Smart home security systems and door locks, so you can observe who comes and goes from your home throughout the day. Motion sensors sense visitors and will notify you who’s at your door.

Smart thermostats, so you can regulate your home temperature from anywhere.

Remote monitoring, so now you can enjoy all the benefits of smart home solutions, without the technical hassles. We can keep your technology up to date, at all times.

Universal control, using services such as Control4, to start all your devices

Smart home gadgets aren’t out of reach with EZ Solutions. Our goal is to create a custom automation experience, that fits your lifestyle. If you’ve been searching for professional home automation near me, EZ Solutions is your destination for consulting and installation services. Find the home automation essentials you’ve been looking for, and together we’ll create a fully customizable plan to suit your needs.

Whether you need smart home solutions in Cedar Rapids, North Liberty, or Iowa City, home automation is within your reach. Schedule your discovery call to start creating your home of the future today.