Take Dining to A Whole New Level

Who doesn’t love going to their favorite restaurant and watching multiple games on the big screen? The integration of automation doesn’t have to stay at home. Now, you can bring the simplicity and efficiency of technology to your business. Patrons will be able to enjoy live sporting events, music, and more, thanks to the technology at your fingertips.

If you’re searching for ways to control lighting, sound, and screens at a moment’s notice, all it takes is the right automation tools. EZ Solutions technology integration allows everything you need to be accessed from one central place, so you and your staff can accommodate everyone’s needs. Whether you want to access network cable channels or exclusive streaming services, we can find a control hub that works best for you.

Create Custom Sound and Video for Your Guests

An important part of your guest’s experience is being able to enjoy one another’s company, while also having optimal sound and visuals for all their events. It’s a balancing act making sure they can continue conversations, but also experience the quality entertainment they’ve been looking for. Enter the home automation experts at EZ Solutions. EZ Solutions has partnered with several local restaurants and bars in Cedar Rapids, North Liberty, Coralville, Iowa City, and the surrounding areas to enhance their customers’ experience and boost their revenue. Together, we can create a controlled entertainment system that’s great for every day, and special events.

Installation Tips

Setting up your service doesn’t have to be complex. Depending on your needs, we can configure your audio, video, and lighting design in a variety of ways, such as integrating your choice of streaming services and connecting with smart speakers. We also offer full commercial system calibration to ensure your technology operates smoothly and never interrupts your guests’ experiences or hurts your business. Installations can be as simple as adding background music to enhance the atmosphere or as hefty as broadcasting HD DirecTV over 22 different televisions at once. Now, you can change the channel, and close the blinds, all from the same control system. Instead of spending precious time trying to work various devices, get back to providing optimal service and viewing experiences faster than ever. We’ll take care of the rest.

Explore Our Custom Sound and Video Installation Services

Our audio and video connection services include:

  • Setting up a centralized audio and video system that provides multiple avenues of streaming services. Simultaneous streaming is easier than ever to control.

  • Connecting all your devices to one control system, so you can change channels, and the audio from one place.

  • Adjust blinds, shades, and lighting with ease, so your guests can watch all their favorite sports and shows without the sun’s glare.

  • Integration of XM/Sirius satellite systems, so you can have high definition sound streaming all day long.

  • Commercial DirecTV connections, so you can access a variety of network channels.

  • LED and other flat panel television mounting, for optimal viewing.


Adjusting the volume from one remote, and freezing the play by plays for review is easier than ever. Shake up dining out, and see what’s in store for you and your guests with audiovisual experiences that break the mold.