The Discrete (but Necessary) Home Automation Steps

When it comes to creating a smart home, we tend to think about the final product, rather than what goes on behind the scenes. Whether you’re installing a home theater, surround sound speakers, or a smart home security system, there is a lot of initial preparation that goes into operating these innovative products. If you’re looking to create a smart home of the future, you first have to lay down the groundwork.

Enter EZ Solutions with our integrative pre-wiring services, that operate and connect all your smart home solutions. Our prewiring services are the discrete but necessary automation service that takes your home to the next level.

What is Pre-wiring?

Prewiring is the step that occurs before and during product installation to create reliable connections and automate all your smart devices. Prewiring not only connects your automated devices – it guarantees strong network connections and keeps your devices fully-functioning at all times.

Our of Prewiring Services

Our prewiring services can be broken down into a series of steps:

  • Initial consultation to discuss the floorplans of your home

  • Map out automation systems that suit your needs

  • Begin A/V installation and other wiring that’s important to the infrastructure of your home

  • Install and integrate various networking systems throughout your home, using control panels

  • Connect devices such as security systems, smart doorbells, and other automation systems to your respective network

  • Integrate all automated and networking services to your smart home hub and remote