Strategic Partners

EZ Solutions  with the most renowned home automation brands in the industry to bring you the best smart home devices and smart home technology. Since we cut out the middleman, you’re able to get access to the latest smart home products more quickly and at a more accessible price point than our competitors. From voice control smart lighting to whole house home automation systems, you can upgrade your devices and systems faster and more affordably when you partner with EZ Solutions.


Your picture should be as crisp and clear as your surround sound. What’s the point of indulging in a home theater experience if you can’t rely on your television to seamlessly integrate with your smart home system and provide smooth, distraction-free entertainment.


Up your home theater game with a projector to get a true theater feel without the distracting crowds, weird smells, and loud popcorn chewers. EZ Solutions is proud to partner with the following brands to bring you reliable professional installation and superior technology.


Connect your Amazon Alexa or Google Home with speakers that reliably produce smooth, clear sounds throughout your home. Whether you want to sing along while you cook dinner, play some background music while working in your home office, or turn it up throughout the house for a good party, these speakers will allow you to create the best home audio experience for your lifestyle.


Surround Receivers

The receiver is the hub of your surround sound system. Speakers can only sound as good as signals they receive from the receiver. Don’t invest in solid speakers only to miss out on optimum sound quality because you opted for a subpar receiver. Find the best fit for your preferences, budget, and lifestyle from one of our partners to enjoy the best possible surround sound experience.


Did you know home automation systems can integrate with your home security system to keep your home safer 24/7? With the right home automation installation, you can even enjoy video doorbells that allow you to see who’s at the door without moving off of the couch or out of your bed, sync your TVs to your security cameras, and remotely engage your door locks or light switches from a mobile app. However, features like voice command, remote access, and smarter security systems can only run smoothly if they’re supported by an innovative, up-to-date smart home operating system.