Smart Home Solutions

Have you ever wanted to remotely control every light, screen, speaker, and more in your home from one intuitive smart hub? Well, what if we told you those smart home possibilities could be highly affordable realities for your family?

At EZ Solutions, smart home automation systems aren’t a far fetched idea of the future anymore. Your vision, combined with our smart home automation experience, can make your home smarter and more secure in the long run. Plus, we keep our pricing and services 100% affordable, because we believe home automation shouldn’t be out of reach because of a price tag.

From smart home security systems and door locks to integrating voice assistants, your dream home automation system is within reach. Whether you’d like an Amazon Echo, Google Home, or Apple home kit installed, your house is about to transform into your favorite smart technology destination.

What are Home Automation Systems?

Home automation systems, also known as smart home solutions, are smart systems that are integrated throughout your home. They are designed to simplify everyday actions and activities, such as watching television, turning on lights, or even locking the door.

A home automation system becomes live once your respective smart home device is integrated with the internet. Once it has a wifi connection, that device can be controlled through wireless smart technology. With a secure internet connection, you’ll have the ability to control, change, and monitor your home’s smart devices through a smartphone application or software.

What makes a home automation system so unique is that you can control your devices from virtually anywhere. Once you’ve automated a smart device, you’ll be able to turn them on, off, or even pre-set them to your family’s schedule. The door can unlock exactly when the kids come home from school, and relock right behind them. Instead of manually turning your lights on and off, adjusting the thermostat after you get home, or arming your security system yourself, all of this can be done from one smart device in, or outside, of your home.

How do Home Automation Systems Work?

Now that we know a little more about home automation, let’s take a closer look at how exactly home automation systems and smart home solutions work.

Smart home automation sounds like a complex term, but it’s more straightforward than you’d think! A smart home automation system, whether it’s a thermostat, speaker, or security system, is installed in your home like any other device. Once it’s installed, the device(s) are connected to a secure wireless network. After this connection is established, the device goes live, and you can then use a tablet or smartphone to control and adjust the settings of your smart devices. 

Home automation systems operate when you tell them to! Your smart devices can sense or be told what to do from predetermined controls, so you can decide exactly when and how your smart home devices will operate.

Home automation systems are controlled in three different ways – through actuators, sensors, and controllers. Sensors are most common in smart doorbells, thermostats, and security systems, where your system adjusts or notifies you based on changes in motion. Actuators are when your respective device receives power, and this usually happens in a large home automation system such as a stereo, that requires a great amount of power. Controllers are capable of sending and receiving messages and signals from your smart home devices and are typically sent from a homeowner’s smart home device.

After installation, these smart home solutions are easy to stay connected to and can be monitored remotely. They do most of the hard work on their own, but with a little outside assistance, it’s easy to keep tabs on all of your smart home devices.

Smart Home Solutions and Home Automation Ideas

In today’s world, there are many types of smart home solutions. However, with so many different devices to choose from, it’s hard to know what home automation ideas are best for your family.

If you’re looking for smart home automation ideas, start thinking about what your family needs from these smart home solutions. Are you looking for smart home security or home entertainment? Depending on these preferences, there are plenty of ideas, combinations, and home automation packages that can suit your family.

Some of the best home automation ideas aren’t overly complex – they can be as simple as a smart plug or even a smart home hub! Our favorite home automation ideas and systems include:

  • Smart Thermostats 
  • Smart Locks
  • Smart Security Systems 
  • Smart Speakers
  • Smart Lights 
  • Smart Door Bells 
  • Smart Blinds and Shades 
  • Smart Sensors
  • Home Automation Controllers
  • Smart Home Hubs
  • Smart TV’s

The best part? These smart home solutions can be integrated together, so if you’re looking for a new home entertainment system, smart home technicians can install your TV, smart speakers, and automated blinds at once. Now, you can have the perfect home automation system from the start.

All of these smart home devices are easy to control, so even if you or a family member aren’t very tech-savvy, you’ll still be able to establish settings on your smart devices with ease.

What are the Benefits of Home Automation Systems?

As industry experts, we’re asked all the time if smart home automation is worth the investment. Our answer – absolutely! Smart home solutions are a long term investment in the safety, security, and longevity of your home and lifestyle. Home automation doesn’t just simplify the way you start movies and TV. It also makes your home feel like home! You can easily control all your favorite devices at once, giving you a sense of security in everyday life, without ever compromising on comfort.

In addition to simplifying everyday routines, smart home solutions are known for:

Reducing monthly energy bills

  • Automating your devices means never forgetting to turn out the lights, adjust the thermostat, or leaving the TV on. Smart home solutions are here to make your daily life more affordable, so you can focus on what matters most and spend less money on electric bills.

Instant Notifications

  • Using smart home devices means you’ll know what’s going on at all times, no matter where you are. Smart technology is designed to be 100% accessible, which means your devices can notify you of deliveries, changes, and anything that’s happening inside your home. Their respective smart home application will ding and notify you of any changes in temperature or package arrivals.

Powering Home Appliances

  • While there are many smart home appliances on the market today, there are still ways to power old school kitchen appliances with home automation systems. For instance, a smart plug can be connected to your device, and when you ask your smart home hub to switch it on, it will do as you ask instantly.

Smart Home Remote Monitoring

  • You can regain peace of mind while you’re away from home, thanks to smart home systems! Smart home systems and home automation are designed to make life easier and more secure. With this new smart home technology, you’ll be able to monitor your home from anywhere, simply by pressing a smart app on your phone.

Home automation is a better solution to old school technology, so don’t hesitate to jump forward into the future. Home automation systems are here to simplify and enhance your everyday life.

How Affordable is Smart Home Automation?

While home automation systems and smart home technology sound like the stuff millionaires use, it’s not! Smart home automation is quite affordable, and accessible, especially when you partner with recognized smart home automation professionals like the team at EZ Solutions. Our team can help make your smart home automation dreams come true using some of your existing equipment, and a few new products, to craft the perfect affordable automated home for you. You can select and customize services that fit your budget, instead of us providing one huge home automation package. Our team is here to help you find a smart home system that works, not sell home technology you don’t need, which is why we offer different Service Packages to our customers. 

In addition to our affordable home automation pricing, we’re members of the following accredited organization:.

The Home Builders Association of Iowa

On top of being nationally and locally recognized as one of the best partners to install your smart home solutions and home automation systems, we’re also members of ProSource. This means we get to bring your smart home devices and equipment to you at more affordable prices by cutting out the middleman. You won’t be paying unnecessary fees when you partner with us.

At EZ Solutions, we believe that smart home solutions shouldn’t be overpriced and out of reach. We’re confident in our ability to give homeowners the smart home systems they’re looking for, at highly affordable prices.

How we Bring Home Automation to Your Door

Every homeowner has different home automation needs, so depending on your home and personal preference, we can make your smart home vision a reality.

Our team can install whole-house A/V services during the home building process to provide seamless integration and the highest functionality between your devices. Before the building process is complete, we work within your home to craft a centralized audio/video system that pipes music, video, and cable signals throughout your home. With a centralized system, you’ll only see the speakers and TV screens, not the cables and cords required to make your system come to life. 

How can you control your smart home system? Through a multitude of devices, such as handheld remotes, smart tablets, or wall-mounted control panels. The centralized components of your system can be hidden away in a closet, so you don’t have to see your control panels, or mounted in an impressive rack system array in your living room. 

It’s important to note that some of our systems may have additional DVD and CS players located locally in various rooms for convenience. If correctly configured, these DVD and CD players can be viewed or listened to in the room they are located in, as well as any other room in your home. There are many ways of configuring a whole house A/V system, so depending on your requirements and budget, our team will pick a system that works best for your needs.

Do we offer Pre-Wiring Services?

When it comes to creating a smart home, we tend to think about the final product, rather than what goes on behind the scenes. Whether you’re installing a home theater, surround sound speakers, or a smart home security system, there is a lot of initial preparation that goes into operating these innovative products. Before we can create your smart home of the future, we first have to lay down the groundwork.

Instead of dealing with the complexities of wiring and installation, our integrative pre-wiring services can operate and connect all your smart home solutions at once. Our prewiring services are the discrete but necessary automation service that takes your home to the next level, so when we get to work, all of your favorite devices are concealed and fully functioning.

How Do Your Smart Home Devices Stay Connected?

When you work with EZ Solutions, staying connected has never been easier. From basic WiFi connectivity to full server-based networks, EZ Solutions has the knowledge and expertise you need to connect your home devices seamlessly using secure and efficient operating systems.

At the end of the day, you want your devices to work, plain and simple. Our experts are here to blend your devices naturally into your home, creating a seamless experience that will enhance your lifestyle. Contact us today and see what home network upgrades can do for your home.